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What is Tai Chi?
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Tai Chi is known for its meditation and medication in motion. It is also a high-level martial art that satisfies many of the multi-faceted demands of human life. Tai Chi offers precious wisdom in regards to health and artistic expression by providing an education deeply grounded in kinetics, medical science, physiology, body mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and aesthetics. to help you improve your self-immunity, improve self-healing capabilities.

Now the world has 150 nations have nearly 200 million people practicing Tai Chi, they do Tai Chi for part of life

What are the health benefits of doing Tai Chi?

1.Reduce stress

2. Increase flexibility

3. Improve muscle strength and definition

4.Increase energy stamina and agility

5. Increase feelings of well being

6. Reducing anxiety and depression

7. Improving balance and coordination

8. Reducing the number of falls

9. Improving sleep quality

10. Slowing bone loss in women after menopause

11. Lowering blood pressure

12. Improving cardiovascular fitness

13 .Relieving chronic pain

14. Improving everyday physical functioning

The benefits of practising Tai Chi?
The benefits of practising Tai Chi?